Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Harvest. Abbreviated.

After a couple weeks in the UK, everyone has returned home and is getting some rest. Who knew that rocking out in worship could be so exhausting?

Let's rewind a bit. On April 1st, the team came together from all around the globe. Mark, Carrie, Jessica and Alli flew from Denver, Colorado. Daniel caught a flight from Beijing, and Manu took a short flight from Germany. Joe drove up from Brighton and Richard took the train from Brunel.  We all met at the Butt's home in London for some team time and rehearsals. After some fish and chips, we dove right into learning new songs and getting all the equipment together for our 10 days at Spring Harvest.

We did find some time to do a short tour of central London. It was Jessica and Alli's first time to see the city so we toured Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, shoved ourselves into a phone booth, and spent some time in Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Square.  It was a whirlwind tour and the beginning of great team bonding.  

And, of course, we made time for espresso. As a rule, there is always time for caffeine with Worshiplanet.

On April 4th, we loaded everything (and everyone) into 2 vehicles and headed north to Skegness. Skegness is an oceanside town with a Butlins Resort that hosted the 30,000+ people that attend Spring Harvest. The first week, the band led worship for the young adults in the iScape program. It was a joy to worship alongside young people as they learn to be Jesus' apprentices.

The second week, Mark and the band switched over to the Big Top to lead worship with the adults. The Big Top is named that because it's truly a circus tent. Every morning and evening thousands of worshippers would raise their voices under that yellow and green striped tent. It was absolutely beautiful.
This, of course, is the Reader's Digest version of a fantastic two weeks.  For those of you that attended Spring Harvest- it was our pleasure to meet you and worship alongside you!  

-The Worshiplanet Band