Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Harvest UK

Hey everybody – we’re heading out to the UK for three weeks to lead worship at Spring Harvest. Spring Harvest ( is Britain’s largest Christian event which happens annually over the Easter holidays. Spring Harvest exists to equip the church into action. We will be leading worship week one for iScape. iScape is a program designed for those in their late teens and early twenties. With a strong emphasis on worship and Bible teaching, we're going to discover what it means to have an extreme faith and how we can live this out in the world. We will be leading worship for morning and evening celebrations alongside a team of some of Britain’s leading youth communicators. It’s gonna be fun & loud!!!

Week two, we’ll be leading worship in the Big Top. Worship in the Big Top is a little different. We’ll be working with a team of the UK’s leading communicators and equippers in post-Christian Europe. The theme this year for Spring Harvest is Apprentice”, with the backdrop of Matthew 11:28-29 - 'Come to me... learn from me...' said Jesus, 'for I am gentle and humble in heart.' Jesus' constant challenge to the people he met, was 'follow me'. His first disciples were apprentices, learning from his words, his stories, his actions and his attitudes. We will be leading worship for the Big Start – an early morning celebration including 4000 adults and about 2000 of their kids! The morning is basically a ‘wake-up’ to the day with fun, worship, short bible teaching and prayer. Then there’s the Evening Celebration which will include a full-on time of worship, teaching and creative expression in worship.

Week three we will be leaving Spring Harvest and heading down to London for a few days of meetings before taking the train to Norwich for a weekend of worship services with King’s Church. ( Thanks guys for hanging in there with us and covering this trip with your prayers. We need them!!