Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amazing Google Search

It's amazing where The Door has gone.  We did a Google Search for The Door and below is something that came up.  This was written after a concert we did at a university in Beijing in 2007.

Mark Tedder music band concert in BJFU

(2007-03-23 23:11:33)
    This evening I attended a concert in my school presented by a band from America called "Mark Tedder".I think I can percieve this band as a family band,cause it is comprised of Mr. Mrs.Tedder and their son(a very handsome boy),plus a boy from Latin America.
   When I know they are families,I can hardly believe it.I admire their style of life,just like the classic.In the band,Mr. Tedder is the voicalist,Mrs. Thedder is the one playing keyball,while their son is the drumer player.They have travelled to lots of coutries all over the world.It seems they make music a kind of life rather than a tough job.They play their songs,love them by heart and take pleasure and contentment from them .How wonderful!This is what life really means!!!
   Tedder said "Look at your palms.Everyone in the world has unique amazing!You are created to be a unique one.No one can take place of you!"I like his words.
   Life is a magic itself!