Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Asia

It's time again to jump on a giant United airplane for 12+ hours and head back to Asia! Dreams of kung pao chicken, $4 foot massages, and vibrant Chinese markets swirl in the Tedder's minds.
Mark and Carrie Tedder are getting ready to head back to Asia on February 8th for a small tour of Beijing, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.
Mark will be leading worship at a conference in Beijing, as well as their China home church of BICF.
Then the Tedders will head down to Hong Kong and lead worship at Island ECC, where their good friend Jeff Caylor is the worship leader.
Finally, they'll fly to Bangkok for some meetings and back to Colorado in late February.
Please pray for approval of The Door by the Chinese government for distribution within China, for safe travels and opportunities to reconnect with Asia-based friends along the way.