Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thoughts on "Tomorrow"

“You are constant like the morning, never failing, you’re the same…” This is the opening line of the song “Tomorrow”. This song was written (as many have been) in my little office on the 22nd floor of our apartment in Beijing, China. I was, and still am, reminded of a God who takes care of my life and that he gives us something to look forward to instead of dreading – tomorrow. He has given us 24 hours of every day to worship! Worship is a lifestyle, its what we’re wired to do! Whether you are facing financial hardship, frustrated in your job, or live is going well, He is never failing, and there is much to praise Him for!

Scripture references: Matthew 6:34, Psalm 113:3, Psalm 8:1-4, Genesis 1:16, Isaiah 55:9, John 10:28-29.